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The law

When exporting or importing works of art from or to Poland we advise you to familiarise yourself with the current legal regulations.

In 2010, the significant changes were introduced in the law relating to export of monuments and art pieces abroad. (Act of 18 March 2010). The most important changes are:
A/Export rules depend on the value and the age of the object (in most cases 50 years). If the monument (work of art) is younger than 50 years it doesn`t need a permission. If it is older, then the value limits apply.
B/Sample of special value limits, depending on the type of objects(full list included in the Act):

1. painting - 40 000 PLN
2. watercolors, gouaches, pastels - 16 000 PLN
3. drawings, mosaics - 12 000 PLN
4. graphics, templates for graphics, posters - 16 000 PLN
5. sculptures, statues, their copies - 20 000 PLN
6. photographs, films, negatives, maps, musical scores - 6 000 PLN
7. vintage vehicles - 32 000 PLN
8. books (here caesura age of 100 years) - 6 000 PLN
9. other, not mentioned in the law (like furniture, crafts) - 16 000 PLN

C/The value of the object should be documented by a purchase invoice or evaluation made by an subject specialized in trading monuments on Polish territory - a gallery, auction house, antiques.
D/Age of the object can be documented by the appraisal made by the specialized gallery, auction house, antiques.
E/When objects coming in at / in the criteria (limit or <50 years) does not need to apply for a permit from the authorities as it was before. Just keep your purchase invoice or appraisal and that's enough for control at the border.
Please refer to the Act www.antykwariusze.pl


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