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It is important for us to know that you make an informed choice when selecting works of art, therefore we encourage you to use our glossary of fine art terms which will be successively enlarged with the concepts, techniques and technologies which can be found in descriptions of works of art offered for sale.

Recommended reading:

  • Słownik terminologiczny sztuk pięknych, PWN, Warszawa 2002
  • Jerzy Werner, Technika i technologia sztuk graficznych, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Kraków 1972
  • Jorki Catafal, Clara Oliva, Techniki graficzne, Arkady, Warszawa 2004, 2005
an intaglio printmaking technique and the name of a print based on etching a design into linoleum using a knife, needles or concave chisels
lost-wax casting
a technique known in ancient times, appreciated due to the fact that it is very precise. A wax model is coated with clay, while heating the dried out mould the wax melts and is soaked up into the clay, leaving an empty negative of the model, liquid metal is poured into the mould and by distributing the metal around inside the smallest details in the mould are filled, ensuring great detail even in small dimensions.

The law

When exporting or importing works of art from or to Poland we advise you to familiarise yourself with the current legal regulations. ...


Out of concern for works of art we include here a few basic guidelines on how to handle the works in your possession. ...

Investing in art

Investing in works of art is one of the most pleasant forms of investing. In order to be successful, we recommend you familiarize yourself with a few guidelines and rules by which the art market operates. ...

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Centre for the Protection of Public Collections www.oozp.pl ...

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